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The Permaculture Institute (Hong Kong) Limited (HKPI) is a charitable institution operating on a non-profit making basis. Our objective is to promote Permaculture through education and training programs, demonstration projects, research and consultancy services. Permaculture aims at maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems and human settlements, which have diversity and stability, and harmonizing integration of landscape and people to provide food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.




  1. 研究及推廣永續栽培設計之知識與理論;
  2. 開辦永續栽培設計課程(Permaculture Design Course),培養人才及導師,推動在地化教育;
  3. 為本地農民、社區、機構、政府或企業提供實務推行及顧問工作;
  4. 於地區建立永續栽培設計項目,包括社區園圃、環保居所、生態農場/村落及可持續社區等。


         Major Tasks 

  1. Research and promote the knowledge and theory of Permaculture Design;
  2. Organize Permaculture Design Course to nurture local personnel and trainers and promote local education;
  3. Carry out development work and provide consultancy services to local farmers, community, organizations, Government and companies;
  4. Establish local Permaculture demonstration projects including community garden, environmentally friendly home, eco-farm and sustainable community etc.



第四屆 (2016-18)

主席 郭綺珊

副主席 朱慧敏

秘書 徐沛源

司庫 蔡穎麟

理事 徐慧珊

理事 麥皓棠 


第三屆 (2014-16)

主席 郭綺珊

秘書 徐沛源

司庫 蔡穎麟

理事 鄧浩兒

理事 鄧金燕

理事 張靄慈


 第二屆 (2012-14)

主席 郭綺珊

秘書 徐沛源

司庫 蔡穎麟

理事 鄧浩兒



第一屆 (2009-11)


葉子盛 (永續栽培設計証書,老農田有機農場劊辦人)(2009-11)

黃德生 (城市規劃師,永續栽培設計証書及文憑,綠建專才)(2011-12)


楊寶熙 (社區支持農業倡議者,永續栽培設計証書)


 劉家強博士 (環保顧問,永續栽培設計証書)




1. Morag Gamble Evan Raymond 國際永續栽培教師,生態設計師及SEED International負責人

2. 羅健中先生

歐富爾建築設計事務所及INTEGER China董事。INTEGER China 是一個在中國推廣智能與綠色建築的組織。羅先生曾在20個不同的亞太地區參與過各種可持續發展和保育項目,並致力於亞洲開發一種新的生活方式。他在昆明的INTEGER項目在過去兩年已獲得七個獎項。 2009年,他在昆明的竹屋及成都的社區中心獲得中國建設部的創新金獎

3. 葉子盛先生





1. Morag Gamble and Evan Raymond,  International Permaculture teacher, eco-designer and Director of SEED International

2. Christopher Law

Director of the Oval Partnership and INTEGER China. INTEGER China is an organization which promotes intelligent and green buildings in China.  Chris Law has worked on a variety of sustainable development and heritage projects in 20 different territories in the Asia Pacific and is committed to developing a new way of life for Asia. The sustainability action research Kunming INTEGER project has received seven awards in the past two years. In 2009 the bamboo structure of the Kunming bamboo house and the KPMG community centre in Chengdu have both received the Gold Award for Innovation from the Ministry of Construction in China.

3. YIP Tsz Shing

Founder of O-Farm, a community farm established in 1999 to promote local agricultural development and organic farming education, applying Permaculture design principles in farm design and operation continuously. He obtained the Permaculture Design Certificate in 2002, a BSc in Information Systems and an advanced professional diploma in landscape design and management. He has also completed the IOIA Organic Farm Inspector Training and is also a Certified Arborist. He provides consultancy and design services to different organizations and schools, including a school gardening project at the Tung Koon School (Sheung Shui) and YWCA Elderly Farm etc. He organised the Permaculture Introductory Course in 2005 - the first Permaculture course taught by local people in Hong Kong. He is the founding member and chariman of the Permaculture Institute (Hong Kong) established in 2009.

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